Pedestrians & Cyclists

We are all pedestrians. Walking is a basic and common mode of transport in all societies around the world. Virtually every trip begins and ends with walking. Walking comprises the sole means of travel on some journeys, whether a long trip or a short stroll to a shop. Roads that are known to have a high number of pedestrian fatalities should be classified as danger zones. Signs should be displayed that notify both pedestrians and motorists of past accidents. Pedestrians should do everything in their power to stay safe and not put their trust in motorists to always stop for them – this involves looking both ways before crossing the road, not using the mobile phones while crossing the road etc. Parents need to instil in their kids; the habit of crossing busy roads only at crosswalks and looking both ways before doing so. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists need to respect each other and share the road. Everyone has equal rights on the road and space on the road is not a competition so we should all do our part to help improve the situation.