Road Safety Campaigns:

a. Awareness Programs

ORSS with active participation from the respective State Government Department ,launched Road Safety Awareness programs across the state.

The Programmes comprised of seminars ,exhibitions, training workshops, video clippings & road shows. One of the Key objectives of these safety programmes is to create awareness on issues related to road safety amongst students & general masses. The Students are told about safety rules & regulations through audio-visual aids, interaction through quizzes and live demonstration were undertaken. Other events such as Street plays ,different competitions in school colleges also organised to educate them on Road Safety.

Distribution of Driver’s Manual:


For dissemination of better driving skill, Driver’s Manual “GADI CHALANA” in the language of Oriya, Hindi &telugu are being distributed at the time of issue of Learner's License at the counters of RTO.

Awareness through print Media:


For generation of Road safety Awareness among public, road safety relatedinformatory/cautionary messages were published through print media. During the year 2012-13 Rs.8.50 lakh was spent towards publication of awareness messages on road safety through print media.

Deployment of Home-Guards

As directed by Hon’ble High Court Odisha as a road safety measure five home guards have been deployed in Cuttack city to regulate the movement of town buses.

Observance Of National Road Safety Week:

National road safety week was observed throughout the State by the RTOs with the financial support of Odisha Road Safety Society. During this week eye testing camps, health check- up camps were organized for the drivers. Also awareness camps were organized for the drivers. Also awareness camps were organized in schools, colleges and road side villages. This year the message was “Stay Alive, Don’t Drink and Drive”

Road Safety Equipment:


Considering the traffic congestion in the twin city Bhubaneswar and Cuttack and on the request of Commissionarate Police, Rs.42.00 Lakh have been provided for purchase of two Bolero mounted cranes and two 407 mounted cranes. Like- wise, Rs. 21.00 Lakh was provided to the I.G. of Police (provisioning), Odisha, Cuttack for purchase of big/small cranes for use in puri town. These equipments are being optimally utilized by the Commissionarate Police and S.P Puri for traffic clearance. Also Rs.3.60 Lakh have been provided to D.C.P., Cuttack for purchase of stop bars, traffic regulatory cones etc.

Workshops & Seminars:

Workshops & Seminars

To generate road safety awareness among the road users a number of workshops and seminars were organized at state level and at district level with the financial support of Odisha Road Safety Society. The state level meeting was organized at Bhubaneswar. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha graced the occasion as the Chief Guest,. Hon’ble Minister, Commerce & Transport, Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. Commerce and Transport, Transport Commissioner, Odisha also attended the meeting. Representatives of state Truck & Private Bus Owner’s Associations, NGOs working in the field of road safety participated in the meeting.

Workshops and meetings were also organized at district level by RTOs with the financial support of Odisha Road Safety Society.

Health Check-up Camps:

Health Check-up camps such as: eye testing camps and blood check –up campus were organized by the RTO at district level with the support of Odisha Road Safety Society.

Painting Competition:-


During the 24th National Road Safety Week painting competition were organised among the school students at district level with the financial support of Odisha Road Safety Society by the RTOs. The topic of the compilation was “An In disciplined Traffic Square”. Prizes were given to the best 3 paintings in each district.At the state level also best three paintings were felicities by the Hon’ble Chief Minister at state level function.

Slogan Competition:-


Road safety related slogan competition among the school students were organized in all the districts of the state with the financial support of odisha road Safety Society by the RTOs in consultation with the field level offers of School & Mass Education Department. Prizes were distributed to the best 3 slogans in each district. At the state level also best three slogans were honored by Hon’ble Chief Minister at a state level function.

Street Plays:-


Street plays with road safety messages were organized at the district level with the financial assistance of Odisha Road Safety Society. Awareness on road safety through street plays was highly appreciated by the public.The street play team of Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Koraput, Ganjam, Mayurbhanj, Sambulpur were invited to Bhubaneswar and they performed their play at important locations of Bhubaneswar city. The best team was awarded by Hon’ble Chief Minister on the state level function.

Highway Interceptor:-


Most of the road accidents are caused due to speed and drunken driving. In order to have a check on both of these, Odisha Road Safety Society is operating a Highway Interceptor vehicle fitted with speed detecting radar and breathe analyses which is donated by MORT&H, Govt .of India. One driver, one camera man & home guard have been engaged to run the Highway Interceptor out of Odisha Road Safety Society.

Following number of offences have been detected through Interceptor vehicle during last three years.

Year No. of VCRs issued C.F collected
2010 2514 13,13,970/-
2011 1406 15,12,547/-
2012 889 12,12,150/-

Hoarding Highway Sides:-


To create road safety awareness among the road users while driving/using the road, Odisha road Safety Society has taken the initiative to erect hoarding displaying various road safety information on sides of high ways. Odisha Road safety Society has provided Rs.16.63 lakh to RTO to execute the work

Strengthening Enforcement Activities:-

Enforcement activities play an important role in reducing road accident. Odisha Road Safety Society has provided assistance in the form of hired vehicle, POL and Home Guards to different RTOs to punish the road rule violators. During the year 2012-13 Odisha Road safety Society has spent around Rs.70.00 lakh in this regard.

Activities During Ratha Yatra:-

For the convenience of pilgrims during the world famous Rath Yatra a number of steps were taken by the Odisha Road safety Society.

Special Emergency Ward:

Considering the heat wave during the time of Rath Yatra Special Emergency Ward having 40 beds was opened in the District Head Quarter Hospital of Puri for which two split Air Conditioners were provided by the Odisha Road safety Society at a cost of Rs. 60,400/-.Patients suffering from dehydration highly praised this noble act.

First-aid kit Distribution:

During the Rath Yatra Lakhs of devotees visit to Puri by buses. Expecting any untoward situation during travel,Odisha Rroad safety Society distributed 650 First-aid kits containing medication like Betadinlotation, cotton, bandage, pain killers etc to the buses going to Puri to Badambadi Bus Stand, baramunda Bus stand and also buses leaving from Puri Bus Stand

Rest sheds during Car Festival at Puri:

During Rathyatra the bus stand of puri is generally shifted to Talibania, which is aLittle distance from the Puri town. Hence for the comfort of the devotees a temporary rest shed was constructed by the Odisha Road Safety Society at Talabania with Provision of drinking water ,toilet facility etc for 5000 pilgrims at a cost of Rs3.10 lakh.

Rest sheds during car festival at Badambadi&Kalpana square:

For the convenience of devotees temporary rest sheds were constructed at Badambadi bus stand,Cuttack &Kalpana square bus stand,Bhubaneswar with provisions of drinking water with the support of local bus owners Associations.This was inaugurated by Hon”ble Minister Commerce& Transport, Gov.of Odisha.

Traffic Regulation:

Considering huge movement of traffic during the Ratha Yatra five Highway Interceptor vehicles were deployed at and around Puri to have a check of speed driving and drunken driving out of Odisha Road safety Society Fund.

Deployment of cranes & Ambulances:

To remove breakdowns and unauthorized parking 3 cranes were deployed at puri with the financial assistance of Odisha Road Safety Society.Also one Ambulance was deployed at Puri during the Rath Yatra.

Solar Traffic Blinkers:

In its effort to reduce road accidents,Odisha Road Safety Society has installed Solar Traffic Blinkers at different road stretches of Mayurbhanj district.Solar Traffic Blinkers have been installed at palbani by pass,Takatpur Junction,MurgabadiGolei,PalbaniGolei of Mayurbhanj District.These Blinkers were inaugurated by Sri Sanjay Kumar Behera, R.T.O., Mayurbhanjduring observance of 24th National Road Safety week.
Role and importance of road transport in our economy cannot be underscored.Roads are the life line of a country’s economic growth and prosperity.Unfortunately,Road accidents also are a cause for tragic loss of human life and property in our country. Fortunately,Odisha Road Safety Society Is taking every precaution to curb this tragedy through a host of benevolent measures ranging from providing ambulances,24x7 accident help lines,cautionary messages and precautions to commuters,to enforcement measures for checking rash and reckless driving.