Acceptance, Circulation and verification of off-road intimation.

Instances have come to notice that temporary permits are being issued from the State Transport Authority / Regional Transport Authorities for routes and trips the total distance of which are very less, sometimes 30 to 40 Kms only. In some instances permits have been issued for such routes for only a single trip daily. One single trip daily for such small routes can never be economic to the passenger vehicles resulting in their unauthorized plying more trips clandestinely, resulting in avoidable loss of revenue to the GOVT.


2.                   To prevent such contingencies, you have been intimated times and again and this is being reiterated again, that no permit, permanent or temporary, should be issued for routes and trips which together do not give to the vehicle operator a run of less than 250 Kms per day so that the vehicle runs profitably and also pays motor vehicle tax either at the maximum slab or at least at the second slab of the rate of taxation prescribed at clause 4 (a) of the schedule attached to the Orissa Motor Vehicles Taxation Amendment Act 1986. 

3.         Any deviation from this will construe willful negligence in issuing permits, causing loss to Government.                                                               




Maintenance of off-road Register-Acceptance, Inspection and release  of Off-Road vehicles .

Various instructions have been issued earlier in connection with maintenance of records relating to off-road declared vehicles and inspection thereof sp as to avoid leakage of revenue . It has come to the notice of this authority that in spite of the issue of instruction various lapses have been committed in this regard , which have given way to certain manipulation resulting in leakage of revenue . It is hence instructed as follows  :- 

1.                  The off-road register shall be kept in the personal custody of the R.T.O. or any other officer(s) designated by the R.T.O.


2.                  All the entries shall be made by the officers himself or be done in the presence of the officer keeping the register. In other words, the register shall be handled directly, under the personal supervisions of the R.T.O. or the officer designated by him. Either for release of off-road vehicles or fresh entry, all such entries should be affected by the R.T.O. of person designated by him. 

3.                  All off-road undertakings (i.e. Declarations) in form No-H duly filled in with required document viz. . Certificate Of Registration, Fitness Certificate, Current Tax Token ( if any ) and the Permit shall be submitted to the R.T.O. or any other officer to be designated by him . The R.T.O. Officer in charge should first read the application and check up if it is correctly filled in and if all the required documents have been surrendered. It is found that the place of keeping of the vehicle is not properly mentioned in form No-H. A definite place with all details to locate it shall have to be mentioned .No alternative place shall be mentioned. Change of place during the off-road period shall not be made unless information the is given to the R.T.O. and his permission is obtained. 

4.                  For premature release i.e. release before the expiry of the declared period of off-road , instruction issued in Circular No-39 shall be meticulously followed . 

5.                  No entry shall be made in the off-road register and receipt granted in respect of any vehicle until and unless the form No-H is endorsed as accepted by the R.T.O. or the officer designated by him . 

6.                  It is noticed that a large number of entries are made in one page of off-road register. In result it becomes very clumsy. No place is available in the prescribed column for noting the result of inspection from time to time. Since there is no standard number of entries per page, iterpulations are found to have been made also at certain places. So to maintain uniformity in making entries and more places available for entering the result of inspections made from time to time there should be only 5 entries in maximum in one page to be uniformly maintained through out the register taking into consideration the space available. 

7.                  The off-road declaration in form No-H received in a day shall be accepted, if in order, on the every day and entry be made simultaneously by the R.T.O. or officer designated by him or in his presence. If it is not in order, it should be returned to the applicant forthwith with the objections noted in an objection slip. Model of objection slip is at Annexure-I. 

8.                  As regards the inspection of off-road declared vehicle instruction have been issued earlier in S.T.A. letter No-52/90-13542/TC   dt-27.7.90 to divided the region into several zones and entrust these zones to particular officers viz. Traffic Inspector, Ass. Transport Commissioner, Addl. R.T.O., Motor Vehicle Inspector, Asst. R.T.O. and the R.T.O. himself. This distribution or inspection should change every month so that a particular zone does not remain in charge of a particular officer for longer period. The inspection should be so arranged that the vehicle is inspected at the place of keeping at least once every month, the maximum gap period between two consecutive inspection not being more than thirty days.   

9.                  The off-road declaration of a vehicle shall be submitted by the owner or the person in charge of the vehicle to the Regional Transport Officer of the region in which the declared place of keeping of the vehicle is situated irrespective regular inspection of the vehicle during the period of off-road. However the owner / person in charge of the vehicle shall also send an intimation in this regard as in Annexure-II through the above R.T.O. to the other R.T.O. to whom tax was paid . On scrutiny of circulation, lists, the R.T.O. s should also pick up information relating to their vehicles and also vehicles of other regions which had been kept if any, in their regions. As usual inspection should follow. 

10.              Circulation of off-road list by the prescribed time as per instruction issued earlier shall be adhered to. 

11.              Any lapse on this regard shall be seriously viewed and responsibility shall be fixed. 



  1. Registration mark of the motor vehicle   :
  2. Name and address of owner/applicant   :
  3. Period for which the motor vehicle is not intended to be used:


 4.      The off-road declaration / intimation filed on …………………………………is not accepted due to the following reason(s) and is hence returned to the applicant.


                                                                                                            Taxing Officer

                                                                                                       (Seal and Signature )

 Reason(s)  :



                                  ( If By Post )


Memo No……………………./…….                                                              Dt…………/………

                        Forwarded for information and necessary action to the applicant.




Name               :

At                    :

P.O.                 :

Dist                  :



                 (TO be filled up and filed by the applicant in duplicate in addition to Form-H) 

                       INTIMATION   OF   OFF-ROAD  DECLARATION 


The R.T.O.


                                                        (Through the R.T.O. ……………………)


  1. Registration mark of  the vehicle
  2. Name & Address of the owner/applicant
  3. Tax paid up to
  4. Period of off-road


  1. Place of keeping


  1. R.T.O. who accepted off-road declaration


                                                                                          Signature of applicant & date


Memo No……………………                                                                 Dt………………….


              Forwarded for information and necessary action


The Regional Transport Officer

At        :

P.O      :

Dist      :






Signature of R.T.O. or other authorized officer on every page of Off-Road   CIRCULATION LIST.

1.         Every page of the circulation list of off-road list must be signed as a matter of authentication by the R.T.O or the other authorized officer who signs the off-road list while issuing it. This will avoid subsequent clandestine inclusions in the list.                    

2.                  Any correction made in the list must be done by the R.T.O. or the other authorized officer himself under his initial to authenticate the correction.


3.                  While issuing duplicate Registration Certificate in respect of a vehicle, the off-road list should be consulted to see if the vehicle is off-road. In that case duplicate Registration Certificate should not be issued unless the vehicle is released from the off-road.

 4.         Any deviation will be treated as dereliction of duty.





Locating mostly Stage Carriage which are not declared off-road Do not pay tax leading to serious loss of revenue.

It come to the notice of this authority that quite a large number of Stage Carriage and often Contract Carriage had not been declared off road nor was any tax paid in their respect in any of the regions. These vehicles may be plying clandestinely without permit / fitness etc ,on the other hand , some of the stage carriage paid tax at a particulars slab but did not appear to have taken permits . It is quite likely that these vehicles may be plying clandestinely without permit / fitness etc. They are out right violating the provisions of M.V.Act / O.M.V.T. Act and the rules made there under. on their detection of plying , tax at the express rate for their daily converge of distance beyond 320 Kms is realizable from them . They are defrauding these legitimate Government Revenue. This fact was frequently discussed with the R.T.Os and the Transport Commissioner vigorously insisted upon locating these vehicles and reporting the registration marks to the S.T.A as well as to the Enforcement Staff of the regions so that their detection can be made and punitive action can be taken. Many of the R.T.Os have not risen to this occasion which is a matter of lapses in their duties. This has been seriously viewed by the authority because it cause serious motor vehicular indiscipline and loss of revenue. Therefore it is directed that the R.T.Os should do the following and submit their reports by the     93.

1.                  The statement in respect of the Stage Carriage/ Contract Carriage registered since 1981 shall be prepared in the category i.e.

(i)               Not declared off-road / did not pay tax and 

(ii)                Not declared off-road / paid tax but did not take permit. 

2.                  Registration mark of these vehicles should be mentioned with their Chassis No / Engine No make and name / address of the Registered owner.


3.                  If any of them paid tax, the place of payment of last tax. 

4.                  This may be treated in TOP PRIORITY to prevent loss of State revenue.