Transfer of Ownership of motor vehicles U/S-50 (1 ) of M.V. Act  1988 production of affidavit both by the Transferor and Transferee.

                   Presently, recording of particulars regarding transfer of Ownership of Motor Vehicles U/S – 50(1) of M.V.Act, 1988 are done by the Registration Authorities in some cases simply on receipt of the intimations in Form – 29 and 30 and in some other cases an affidavit is insisted upon mainly from the transferor for that purpose. At times, the registering Authorities require the signatures in these form to be attested by a Gazetted Officer. Thus, no uniform procedure is being followed in the matter throughout the State.

        While accepting intimations given by the transferor and the transferee, the Registering Authority has hardly any scope to verify if such signature have actually been put by the persons concerned. There are instances where the signatories disown their signatures in future and it leads to litigations. Thereby realization of the tax dues to the state are either delayed or becomes difficult.

                    Keeping these facts in view it is hereby instructed that as an abundant caution, the Registering Authorities shall in each case of transfer of Ownership, require affidavits to be furnished both by the transferor and the transferee stating therein the actual date of Transfer and declaring that the fact of transfer is correct. Besides furnishing affidavit, it should also be seen that Form – 29 and 30 are properly filled in (the date of transfer must be mentioned) signed with dates. The signatures of both the transferor and transferee should also be attested with seal and signature of a Gazetted Officer. Intimations not properly filled in or unsigned / undated intimations should not be entertained.